What is an Ice Expansion Air Pillow & Do I need one?

Posted by NDPS Expert on Oct 11th 2021

What is an Ice Expansion Air Pillow & Do I need one?

You may have used one in the past or have seen one online, but what exactly is an air pillow and how do you know if you need one?  We will dive a little deeper into air pillows and hope to answer some of those questions!

What is an Air Pillow?

An air pillow is made from vinyl (ours are heavy duty) and is used in Above Ground pools to take on the pressure of expanding ice formation over the winter season in your pool.  When water freeze and expands it chooses the path of least resistance first, and we want that to be your air pillow and not your pool walls!  

Do you need an Air Pillow?

If you have an Above Ground pool and are in a location that runs the risk of freezing temperatures over the winter season we would highly recommend the use of an air pillow. 

For example, our headquarters is located in Wisconsin and we would recommend everyone in our state and the surrounding states to get an air pillow for their Above Ground pool!

Is it worth it?

YES!  Using an air pillow is an inexpensive way to avoid a very costly issue....damaged pool walls and frame! 

What size do I need?

  • 4x4 or 4x5: 12' Round, 16' Round, 18' Round
  • 4x8: 21' Round, 24' Round, 27' Round
  • 4x15: 30' Round, 33' Round, All Ovals 

Setting up your air pillow

The air pillow should not be filled more than 60% with air as it needs to remain soft to be able to absorb the pressure from the expanding ice.  We highly recommend using the air valve sealer to create a better seal and make sure the valve does not pop open during winter.  The air pillow should be at the center of the pool, and it can easily be attached with the Pool Pillow Pal, or it does have grommets on the ends to attach string to if you wanted to take that route.  Your Winter Pool Cover then sits on top of the air pillow. 

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Accessory we'd recommend:

The Pool Pillow Pal: Install your air pillow with ease! This is a unique device that connects and centers the air pillow to your winter pool cover, without the use of ropes or ties!