Poolife Clean Shock Di-Chlor Chlorine Shock 12 bag deal

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Poolife Clean Shock 12 bag deal

Strong Sodium Di-chlor chlorine Pool Shock, Highest quality on the market! Same as Pristine Extra. priced per 16oz (1-lbs) bag

Pool Shock Treatment Dosage: Weekly Add 1 lb per 12,000 gallons of pool water to keep pool sparkling clean and clear Once the package is opened, the entire contents should be used.

Compatible with all Chlorine Sanitizers, Pristine Blue ( Pristine Power), Pool Frog, Nature 2, 3" chlorine tablets and many more Pool chemical systems.

Poolife Clean Shock offers a unique Di-Chlor Chlorine Pool Shock formula delivers the same benefits as Lithium based Pool Shock treatments - and use less - without the higher cost!

POOLIFE Clean Di-Chlor chlorine Pool Shock provides a Powerful stabilized source of granular chlorine pool shock that contains Di-chlor chlorine that is safe for vinyl liner pools and all pool surfaces. No pre-mixing required! Broadcast into your pool without worrying about clouding your water or bleaching your vinyl liner or color sensitive pool and spa finishes! Di-chlor pool shock is pH neutral and fast dissolving chlorine granules. Clean Pool Shock is also ideal for treating hot tubs and spas. Our vinyl liner pool shock quickly kills bacteria and destroys algae. Clean pool shock is sun protected with chlorine stabilizers to last longer. Di-chlor granular pool shock is the favorite chlorine based swimming pool shock used by professional pool and spa service companies because it is non-clouding, dissolves rapidly, leaves no foam or residue, and is very much more cost effective to use than expensive Lithium based chlorine shock treatments.

Shock Treatment Application:

With water circulating, broadcast over the deep end of your pool.

May also be pre-dissolved if desired, then add the liquid directly to the water near the pool return inlet (where the water returns into the pool from the filter) to facilitate mixing throughout the pool.

In addition to your regular weekly pool shock treatments, we recommend shocking more frequently after heavy or frequent rainfall, heavy swim bather loads, when pool water appears dull or hazy, has unpleasant odors or eye irritation occurs.

Shock treating under these conditions can prevent pool problems from developing.

Pool Shock Treatment Dosage / Frequency Add 1 lb. per 12,000 gallons Add weekly Once the package is opened, the entire contents should be used. Sodium Dichlor-s-Triazinetrione Hydrated 99% 99% Active ingredient Available Chlorine 55%

Main Ingredient:
Sodium Di-Chlor