Poolife Salt Cell Cleaner

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Poolife Cell Cleaner

Extends your salt chlorine generator’s cell life. Cleans cell quickly and effectively!


  1. Add 4-5 gallons of water to a plastic bucket. Carefully add the full bottle of cell cleanre solution to the bucket and stir to mix thoroughly using a plastic or wooden stirrer. CAUTION: Add cleanre to water, NOT water to cleaner.
  2. Turn off power to the unit and remove the cell from plumbing, following the manufacture's instructions.
  3. Exposed metal contacts on the unit which connect the electrode to the controller, should be completely covered by waterproof tape or other means to prevent the acid in the cleaner from corroding the contacts. (Do not submerge any wiring if it cannot be disconnected from the unit.)
  4. While wearing gloves and goggles, immerse the electrode unit in the cleaning solution. Signs of effervescence indicate that the cleaner is dissolving scale from the metal electrodes. Leave the electrodes in the cleaning solution until effervescence stops or 60 min.
  5. While wearing gloves and goggles, remove the electrode from the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly with water.
  6. Remove any protective covering that was placed on the contacts. Reassemble the electrode into the chlorinator following manufacture's directions and start the pump and chlorinator.
  7. Dispose of spent cleaning solution by pouring into pool with pump on. Wear gloves and goggles while handling the cell cleaning solution. Readjust pH, if needed.