Safe-T-Zone Pool Closing Kit for Pools with Mesh Safety Covers

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Safe-T-Zone Pool Closing Kit for Pools with Mesh Safety Covers 

The Safe-T-Zone Winter Pool Closing kit is designed specifically for Above or In Ground Pools with up to 30,000 gallons of pool water and specifically designed to use with Mesh Safety Winter Pool Covers or any cover that allows rain water to pass through.

The Safe-T-Zone Winter Pool closing kit contains:

  • 4lb tablet floater containing patented oxidizers & enzymes - constant oxidation till spring
  • 1 quart Stain & Scale Control
  • 1 gallon Powerful Winterizing Algaecide - Algae control all winter long
  • 1 quart Phox-X Phosphate remover - eliminate the fool for algae

Removes Phosphates from Pool Water. Phos Free Pool is a happy pool
Designed to work with all Mesh or Solid Winter Pool Covers Open your swimming pool to Crystal Clear Pool Water Every Spring with our Winter Pool Closing kit designed for Swimming Pools With Fully or partial mesh safety pool covers. Whether your pool has a 100% mesh safety pool cover or a Solid safety winter pool cover with mesh drain panels our kit is perfect for your pool.

Safe-T-Zone winter kits are for pools up to 30,000 gallons. This kit is made specifically for mesh covered pools but works great on solid covered pool. No matter if you have a Mesh Safety Cover for your In Ground Pool or above ground pool this kit is must. The Safe-T-Zone pool Closing kit from N Jonas contains a special product that removes phosphates from the pool water, a non-phosphate based stain preventer, Powerful Winter Algaecide and a Winter Pool Floater that contains special oxidizers & enzymes to keep your pool clear all winter and make spring pool start up easy!


  • Stop chlorination 24 Hours prior to winterizing
  • Before continuing, be sure lowering of the pool water, draining of lines and winterizing of pump, filter, heater and other equipment has been completed. If you use anti-freeze, add it to your system at this time
  • Pour entire contents of winterizing algaecide into pool making sure it is distributed evenly
  • Squirt entire bottle of Phos-X over the surface of the pool
  • Pour the bottle of Stain & Scale preventative into the pool, distributing evently over the pool
  • Place installed foam flotation collar and punch hole #2 and exit hole on opposite side of the enzyme floater. Also, punch out any 4 holes on the bottom of the canister. Place cartridge in the pool, smallest diameter down, allowing water to enter. *Do not throw in the pool
  • Cover the pool