1/8" x 42" x 125' Gladon Waveless Wall Foam 2lb Density

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Gladon Waveless Wall Foam 2lb Density1/8" x 42" x 125'

Add years of life to your pool liner! All wall foams are NOT created equal! Compare Gladon's high quality flat foam to any others and you will see the difference. Wall Foam adds insulation to your pool to keep the water warmer and save energy. Use on metal, concrete, or wood to get smooth pool walls. This is gladons highest quality wall foam. The lower density stuff will not hold up over time!

  • Flat
  • 2 lbs density - High Quality
  • Protects Liners
  • Cuts Heat Loss
  • Reduces Metal Wall Corrosion
  • Requires Gladon spray on adhesive
  • Dimensions: 1/8" x 47" x 125'

Color may vary