Perfect Pool Bottom

Gladon Perfect Pool Bottom - Prevent Nutgrass and Rocks from coming through your pool liner. 

For Flat Bottom above ground pools only! 


PPB 4000 Perfect Pool Bottom

* Stops Nutgrass
* Super Smooth Pool Bottom
* Protects Pool Liner
* Makes Bottom Cleaning Easier
* Helps to prevent Footprints on bottom of your pool
* Reduces The Need For Sand
* Acts As A Vapor Barrier Under The Liner
* Limited 10 Year Warranty

* Chemically Resistant To Acid and Other Chemicals Found In Soil

Finally, a new technology has been developed to improve the way above ground swimming pool bottoms are installed. PPB 4000 is a hard, flat, impervious polymer material that is placed under your pool to form a smooth bottom and protect the liner. PPB 4000 installs quickly and easily, once you have prepared the site where your pool will be set up. Rocks, stones, nut grass, and other objects in the ground below your pool can easily puncture unprotected pool liners and cause leaks. Our revolutionary bottom system will virtually eliminate these problems.

PPB 4000 comes with a ten year limited warranty, even though we strongly believe it will outlast most pools.

The Perfect Pool Bottom package consists of overlapping 5' wide PPB 4000 sections, precut to fit your swimming pool, packaged with just the right amount of Gladon’s patented Pool Cove. Pool Cove is a vital structural element in every above ground swimming pool. Gladon’s high quality, lightweight, pre-formed Pool Cove easily snaps into place. It eliminates the need to build a cove on site, using tons of sand or dirt. It provides professional results every time. Unlike sand or dirt coves, Gladon’s Pool Cove cannot wash out and doesn’t hold corrosion causing moisture against the metal parts at the bottom of your pool.

PPB 4000, used together with Gladon Pool Cove, creates smooth pool surfaces for the ultimate in cleanability.

Because our new bottom package requires no special skills or tools, do-it-yourselfers can install it using our easy-to-follow instructions.

Note: The PPB 4000 pieces for oval pools are pre-cut to fit the long dimension of the pool. Due to the wide variation in oval pool designs, field trimming is required to achieve an exact fit.