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About Baleco-Haviland

Established in 1958 by Lee Hammersmith, Cincinnati Soap Center embarked on a journey that transcended traditional boundaries. Initially focusing on household soaps, its trajectory swiftly encompassed industrial supplies, marking pivotal moments with the integration of pool products in 1962 and Penetration Ice melt in 1964. The early 1970s saw the company evolve into Baleco International Inc., relocating to a larger facility as a testament to its burgeoning success. The 1980s witnessed strategic expansions, including the acquisition of injection and blow molding capabilities, alongside the introduction of silk-screen capabilities.

Notably, Baleco's headquarters are nestled in Ohio, while its manufacturing operations is done by Haviland Consumer Products in Michigan, the epitomize of a collaborative endeavor. The culmination of these efforts was the landmark merger in 2017, forming Baleco-Haviland, now entirely owned by its dedicated employees. This union underscores their unwavering commitment to excellence in quality and customer service, firmly positioning them as industry leaders.