Baquacil Oxidizer 4 Gallons

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Baquacil Oxidizer

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Includes 4 gallons of Baquacil Oxidizer. This oxidizer removes swimmer waste and other unwanted contaminants from the water with a stabilized hydrogen peroxide formula.

Start Up
1 Gallon per 10,000 Gallons of Water

Weekly Maintenance
1 quart per 10,000 Gallons Add oxidizer directly to pool with filter running. (Do not put in the skimmer.)

SIZE (4) One Gallon Bottles Ingredients
Hydrogen Peroxide 27%: CAS No. 7722-84-1
Water: CAS No. 7732-18-5


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    Great products

    Posted by Diana Tapelt on Jun 14th 2021

    Great products that won’t harm your skin, hurt your eyes or rune you clothes. More expensive but well worth how nice your pool is to swim in. We have used these products for 20+ years with good success