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Key Features

- 20 One-Gallon Bottles of Oxidizer

- 12 Half-Gallon Bottles of Sanitizer

- 2 One-Quart Bottles of Algicide

- 1 Bottle of Flocculant

- 1 Bottle of 25 Test Strips

Baquacil Super Combo Package


The Baquacil Super Combo Package is a comprehensive and all-inclusive solution for your pool care needs, ensuring that you have everything required for effective water maintenance. This package includes a variety of essential Baquacil products to keep your pool clean, clear, and properly sanitized.

Package Contents:

  1. 20 Gallon Bottles of Baquacil Oxidizer: Baquacil Oxidizer is included to help maintain sparkling clear water by eliminating contaminants and organic matter.

  2. 12 Half-Gallon Bottles of Baquacil Sanitizer: Baquacil Sanitizer is a crucial component for effective pool sanitation, helping to keep the water free from harmful bacteria.

  3. 2 qt. Bottles of Baquacil Algicide: This Algicide helps prevent and control algae growth, ensuring that your pool remains algae-free and inviting.

  4. 1 Bottle of Baquacil Floc: Baquacil Floc aids in the removal of suspended particles and debris, promoting clearer water.

  5. 1 Bottle of Baquacil Test Strips: The Test Strips included in the package help you monitor and maintain the proper chemical balance in your pool.

Shipping Notice:

  • This item will be shipped via a Freight carrier and will arrive on a pallet.
  • Lift gate service is not included and is available at an extra cost. Liftgate service allows the delivery driver to lower the pallet down to the ground off of their truck. If liftgate service is not selected, you will need to remove the delivery piece by piece or with your own hydraulic tool, such as a forklift.

Ensure your pool care is hassle-free and effective with the Baquacil Super Combo Package. This all-inclusive solution provides you with the necessary products for proper pool maintenance, making it convenient and easy to keep your pool water clean and inviting.


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    Great bundle

    Posted by Dominic Wilson on Mar 25th 2024

    I get this bundle once a year. Easy to order and ships fast