FROG® Leap® Replacement Mineral Anti-Bac Pac 01-12-7822

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Key Benefits

- Kills Bacteria and Prevents Algae

- Balances pH and Absorbs Acid

- For Pools Up To 25K Gallons

- Replace Only Once Every Season

- Enhances Water Softness

King Technology FROG® Leap® Anti-Bac Mineral Pac 01-12-7822

The King Technology Pool Frog Leap Mineral Pac 01-12-7822 is a game-changer in pool water care, delivering Fresh Mineral Water like no other product can. The combination of Sanitizing Minerals and a low level of chlorine effectively combats bacteria, providing clean and crystal-clear water that feels luxuriously soft. The prefilled Cartridge ensures easy replacement, eliminating mess, guesswork, and stress.

Key Features:

  • Kills Bacteria: The Sanitizing Minerals actively work to eliminate bacteria, ensuring a hygienic pool environment.
  • Balances pH and Absorbs Acids: Helps in maintaining a balanced pH level and absorbs acids for optimal water chemistry.
  • Conditions Water for Softness: Provides a soft and comfortable water experience for swimmers.
  • Fits Inside Frog Leap Infuzer: Designed to fit seamlessly inside the Frog Leap Infuser for easy and efficient use.
  • For Above Ground Pools up to 25,000 Gallons: Suitable for above-ground pools with a capacity of up to 25,000 gallons.
  • Controls Bacteria and Prevents Algae: Offers comprehensive water care by controlling bacteria and preventing algae growth.
  • Prolongs Chlorine Life: The use of mineral technology helps extend the lifespan of chlorine.
  • Softer Water: Enhances the overall feel of the water, providing a softer and more enjoyable swimming experience.
  • Replace Mineral at the Beginning of Every Season: Ensure optimal performance by replacing the mineral at the start of each season.

Elevate your pool water care with the King Technology Pool Frog Leap Mineral Pac, offering a revolutionary approach to achieving clean, clear, and luxuriously soft pool water.

For Use with Frog Leap Infuzer and Chlorine Torpedo Pacs

Anti-Bac Mineral Pac Safety Data Sheet Download