InSPAration Hydro Therapies Sport RX Crystals - 5oz

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Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals - 5 oz. Sample Jar

Aromatherapy for Athletes

Unlock Your Athletic Excellence with Hydrotherapies Sport RX Crystals, Elevating Your Experience with Expertly Crafted Extracts. These precisely engineered extracts synergize seamlessly with Aromatherapy, guaranteeing that while you indulge in the spa, they fulfill their commitments. The carefully selected extracts specifically address your requirements, ensuring they function precisely as designed, delivering a comprehensive range of benefits, from invigoration to tranquility.

Fragrance Helps Aroma
Elevate Reduce Stress
Lavender & Cedar Wood
Energize Increase Energy
Clary Sage & Ginger
Detox & Immunity
Lavender & Rosewood
Rebuild Joint & Muscle
Peppermint & Eucalyptus
Relax Mind & Body
Chamomile & Bergamot
Respiratory Support
Eucalyptus, Spearmint & Menthol