Pristine Blue Mini Test Kit

Pristine Blue
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Key Features

- Provides a precise and reliable measurements of Pristine Blue levels

- Helps with avoiding over or under-dosing

- Copper A and Copper B Liquid reagents minimize guesswork

- Kit includes a color-matching chart

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Pristine Blue Mini Test Kit

The Pristine Blue Mini Test Kit is an essential tool for maintaining optimal Pristine Blue levels in your pool or spa. Accurately measure PristineBlue levels, calculate the correct dosage, & the best results with the PristineBlue Pool Chemical System. Each component of the kit provides crucial information, reducing guesswork and ensuring precise maintenance of Pristine Blue in your pool or spa.

Kit Contents:

  1. Test tube and cap
  2. Copper A reagent
  3. Copper B reagent
  4. Color-matching chart

Key Features:

  • Accurate measurement of Pristine Blue levels
  • Facilitates precise dosing for optimal water treatment
  • Utilizes liquid reagents for minimal guesswork


  • Ensures accurate calculation of Pristine Blue dosage
  • Easy-to-use test tube with cap for convenient testing
  • Copper A and Copper B reagents for reliable measurement
  • Color-matching chart for clear and straightforward result interpretation

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