Spa FROG® @ease® Floating System Four Month Kit


Key Benefits

- Uses up to 75% less chlorine 

- Shock only once a month

- Self regulating for continuous clear water

- Less odors

- No constant monitoring!

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Spa FROG® @ease® Floating System Four Month Kit

Experience a new level of convenience and effectiveness in spa water care with the Spa Frog @ease Floating System Four Month Kit. This comprehensive kit is designed to provide you with a hassle-free, four-month spa maintenance solution, ensuring that your spa water remains crystal clear and inviting.

What Does The FROG® @ease® Four Month Kit Include?:

  1. Spa Frog @ease Floating System #01-14-3256:
  • Complete @ease floater with jump start and test strips.
  • The floating system delivers a balanced blend of sanitizing minerals and SmartChlor® Technology to keep your spa water pristine.
  1. Spa Frog @ease Smart Chlor Replacement 3 Pack #01-14-3258:
  • This pack includes three SmartChlor replacement cartridges, ensuring that you have a continuous supply for the next four months.

Frog @ease Floating System Ingredients:

  • SmartChlor Cartridge Ingredients:
    • 1,3-dichloro-5, 5-Dimethylhydantoin: 81.1%
    • 1,3-dichloro-5-ethyl-5-methylhydantoin: 16.1%
    • Other Ingredients: 2.8%
  • Mineral Cartridge Ingredients:
    • Silver Chloride: 0.5%
    • Other Ingredients: 99.5%
  • Frog Maintain Ingredients:
    • Potassium monopersulfate: 38.25%
    • Constituents ineffective as adjuvants: 61.75%

Spa Frog @ease Key Benefits:

  • Simplified Maintenance: The @ease Floating System and SmartChlor cartridges work together for a hassle-free spa care experience.
  • Consistent Water Quality: Enjoy crystal clear and inviting spa water for four months with this comprehensive kit.
  • Convenient Testing: The kit includes test strips for easy monitoring of your spa water's balance.
  • SmartChlor Technology: The SmartChlor cartridges automatically deliver the right amount of chlorine based on your spa's needs.


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