Water Tech Volt FX-4Li Cordless Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

Water Tech
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2 Year Limited Warranty
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Key Features

- 1,150 sq. ft. per hour coverage

- 7.5" cleaning path

- Equipped with scrubbing brushes

- Quickly recharge in 3-4 hours

- Enjoy up to 45 minutes of continuous cleaning


Water Tech Volt FX-4Li Rechargeable Pool Vacuum

Introducing the Pool Blaster Volt FX-4Li, a powerhouse in pool cleaning with a purposeful design that exceeds expectations. With more than double the debris capacity compared to its predecessor, the Pool Blaster Catfish, the Volt FX-4Li sets a new standard for efficiency and performance. Boasting user-friendly features and over two times the debris capacity, it ensures superior area coverage for a pristine pool every time.

Product Features:

  • Cleaning Coverage: Achieve extensive cleaning with 1,150 sq. ft. per hour coverage.

  • Cleaning Path: The 7.5" cleaning path ensures a wide and thorough cleaning sweep.

  • Scrubbing Brushes: Equipped with scrubbing brushes for enhanced cleaning efficiency.

  • Charge Time: Quickly recharge in 3-4 hours for minimal downtime between cleaning sessions.

  • Run Time: Enjoy up to 45 minutes of continuous cleaning for comprehensive pool maintenance.

  • Charger Included: The package includes a charger for your convenience.

  • Minimum Operating Depth: Efficiently operates at a minimum depth of 12.25" at a 45-degree angle, ensuring thorough cleaning in various pool configurations.

  • Unit Weight: Lightweight at 3.40 lbs for easy handling and maneuverability.

  • Totally Independent: Operates independently of main filter systems, providing hassle-free and efficient cleaning.

  • Easy to Use: User-friendly latch-style nose cap and aluminum handle allow easy attachment and removal of a standard pool pole, making operation a breeze.

  • Cleans All Types of Pools & Spas: Versatile enough to clean various pool and spa surfaces with ease.

  • No Messy Hoses or Additional Pumps: Say goodbye to tangled hoses and extra pumps for a clutter-free cleaning experience.

  • Reusable Filter Bags: Includes Xtreme Multilayer Filter Bag for fine debris and an All-purpose Filter Bag for large debris, both reusable for cost-effective cleaning.

  • Rechargeable Battery: Powered by a rechargeable battery for consistent and reliable performance.

  • 2-Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a generous warranty.

Immerse yourself in the future of pool cleaning with the Water Tech Volt FX-4Li Rechargeable Pool Vacuum. Order now and experience unparalleled power, efficiency, and convenience in pool maintenance!

Replacement sand and silt filter bag

Replacement all purpose bag