3 Pack Bundle of Sirona Oxidizer, Waterline Control, and Sanitizer

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Key Features

- Save time and money

- Bundle contains the complete Sirona 3-step system

- Maintains sparkling clear water

- Controls bacteria

- Prevents waterlines

Sirona Spa Care Simply Oxidizer 32oz, Sanitizer 16oz, and Waterline Control 32oz 

(Formerly known as Baqua Spa)

  • Oxidizer by Sirona is a liquid oxidizer consisting of specially stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Keeps spa water sparkling clear by oxidizing organic compounds.
    • Step 2 in 3-part system
    • Stabilized 7.5% hydrogen peroxide
    • Oxidizes organics and keeps water sparkling clear
    • Used at start-up, then added weekly
  • Sanitizer by Sirona A bromine-free, chlorine-free liquid sanitizer that provides excellent bacteria control. It stores indefinitely, is highly stable at elevated temperatures and lasts longer than chlorine or bromine.
    • Step 3 in 3-part Sirona™ Simply system
    • Use at start-up, then test and use as needed
  • Waterline control is a unique, patented formula that controls and prevents formation of waterline deposits on the spa shell.
    • Step 1 in 3-part Sirona™ Simply system
    • Use at start-up, then add weekly
  • Ingredients:
    • Waterline Control: Bis (hydrogenated tallow alkyl) dimethyl quaternary chlorides: 61789-80-8 - Bis (hydrogenated alkyl methyl amines) hydrochloride: 61788-63-4 - Isopropyl Alchohol: 67-63-0
    • Oxidizer: Hydrogen Peroxide: 7722-84-1 Water: 7732-18-5
    • Sanitizer: Poly(hexamethylenebiguanide) hydrochloride: 20% Other Ingredients: 80%