Buyers Guide: Robotic Pool Cleaners

Posted by Kate on Jan 27th 2022

Buyers Guide: Robotic Pool Cleaners

Why add a Robotic Pool Cleaner to your pool?

  • Clean your pool without the time and physical effort of doing it yourself
  • One time fee - instead of paying a weekly service to come to your home, purchase the cleaner once and have your pool cleaned as often as you need!
  • Increased Pool Circulation - a huge benefit that is often overlooked when adding a robotic cleaner to your pool is the increased water circulation, especially at the bottom of your pool. This will help with water clarity and help prevent cloudy and/or Green water.
  • Easy to Use - Robotic cleaners are all self contained, trapping debris in its own basket and not your filter. To clean out the robotic cleaner, simply take out the basket, dump, rinse and put it back in and you’re ready for another clean.

Dolphin e10 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin e10 Robotic Cleaner by Maytronics

    • Easy to clean internal basket with large capacity captures debris from pool
    • Advanced floor and cove scrubbing
    • Average of 1.5 hour cleaning time for a quick pool clean
    • Perfect for Above Ground Pools and Smaller Inground Pools up to 6.5’ deep.

Dolphin e20 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Explorer e20 Robotic Cleaner by Maytronics

    • Advanced floor, cove and wall scrubbing
    • Large Capacity Fine filter basket picks up debris
    • 50’ Cable makes this perfect for Above Ground and both shallow and deep-end Inground Pools
    • Low energy consumption for easy cleaning energy efficiently

Dolphin e30 Robotic Pool Cleaner by Matronics

Dolphin Explorer e30 Robotic Cleaner by Maytronics

    • Two brushes scrub your pool floor wall and even your water line
    • Works on all pool types: Vinyl Liner, Gunite, FIberglass and Tile.
    • Extra large basket loaded at the top of the cleaner for ease of cleaning
    • 60’ Cable makes this the perfect pool cleaner for the majority of residential swimming pools.