How to use Backwash Filter Cleaner

Posted by NDPS Expert on Mar 6th 2021

How to use Backwash Filter Cleaner

There are two times of year it is necessary to give your filter a deep cleaning. Once at the beginning of the season, and once in the middle of Summer. A good way to remember when to clean your filter is to do it before you have your Fourth of July party.

If you have a Sand Filter, you are in the right place. If you use a Cartridge or DE filter, this blog post is not for you.

Why use a Backwash Filter Cleaner treatment?

  • Sand filters trap dirt and oils that do not get flushed out during a normal backwash (without using the chemical treatment.)
  • Accumulation of this debris and oils can give you cloudy water and give you poor water filtration.
  1. Adjust the valves for full skimmer intake
  2. Start Backwashing the filter
  3. While the filter is backwashing, slowly pour 8 ounces of product into the skimmer
  4. After the backwash cycle is complete, do a rinse cycle.

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