LaMotte 3017 Borate Test Strips

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Notable Features

- For testing Sodium Tetra Borate

- Measures levels from 0 to 80 ppm in just 15 seconds

- Borate Pool Water Test Strips are suitable for use with Sodium Tetraborate pool chemicals

- Use with ProTeam Supreme, Endure, and Haviland pool chemicals

Borate Test Strips for testing Sodium Tetraborate

Use with ProTeam Supreme, Pro Team Supreme Plus, Endure Pool Chemicals. 

#1 dealer of pool water test strips in America

Borate pool water testing strips measure the levels of Sodium Tetra Borate in pool water. Quick results measures the levels from 0 to 80 ppm in just 15 seconds. The swimming pool Borate strips are packaged 25 strips per bottle. Use to test the levels of the following brand names of Pool chemicals : Endure by Arch, ProTeam Supreme by Haviland and all other Sodium Tetraborate pool chemicals