FROG Filter Mate®

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Top Benefits:

- Lower bromine or chlorine use up to 50%

- Soft feeling water thats easier on skin, swimsuits, and your spa

- Convinent reminder dial

- Easy installation into most filters

FROG Filter Mate

Introducing Pool Frog Filter Mate, a revolutionary mineral sanitizer designed to effortlessly fit into your hot tub filter cartridge. As you enjoy your hot tub experience, the mineral sanitizer stick works in harmony with your routine, allowing you to reduce the amount of bromine or chlorine needed by half!

The primary advantage? You'll effectively combat bacteria on two fronts – first, through the powerful minerals, and second, with a minimal dose of chlorine or bromine. Ideal for hot tubs up to 600 gallons, this innovative solution works seamlessly for four months or until your hot tub requires draining.

Key Features:

  • Mineral stick with a convenient dial for easy tracking of replacement needs.
  • Compatible with ozone or UV systems, offering versatile compatibility.

Immerse yourself in the benefits of Fresh Mineral Water® as our product not only cleans but also softens hot tub water right inside your filter cartridge. While you separately introduce dichlor or bromine, the need for only half the usual amount ensures a remarkable hot tub experience.


  • Mineral Stick: Silver Chloride - 0.5%, Other Ingredients - 99.5%


How does FROG Filter Mate Work? Effortlessly fitting in the center of most filter cartridges, this one-piece design ensures durability and strength. Simply set the dial for the 4-month replacement date and drop it into the filter.

How long does FROG Filter Mate last? Enjoy the benefits for a continuous four months or until you decide to drain and refill your hot tub.

What if FROG Filter Mate doesn’t fit in my filter cartridge? No worries! It can be placed in the filter well or skimmer tray. If the stick is too long, use the notches to cut off a part of the stem for a perfect fit. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Pool Frog Filter Mate today!

FROG Filter Mate instruction guide