Flippin Frog XL by Pool Frog

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Key Features

- Effortless Pool Cleaning

- Set It and Forget It

- Reduce Chlorine Usage Up To 50%

- Dual-Action Sanitization

- Suitable for Pools 5k-10k Gallons

Flippin’ FROG XL by Pool Frog

Revolutionize your Pool Cleaning Routine with Flippin' FROG XL
Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly carrying chlorine buckets. With Flippin' FROG XL, all you need to do is replace the orange chlorine cartridge once every three to four weeks.

This innovative product kills bacteria through FROG Minerals and a small amount of chlorine, resulting in fresh mineral water that is gentle on swimsuits and doesn't have a strong chlorine smell.

  • Sanitizer for pools 5,000-10,000 Gallons
  • Kills Bacteria 2 Ways
  • Reduces chlorine use up to 50%
  • Precision performance - set it and forget it!

Is your pool 2,000-5,000 gallons?  The Flippin Frog might be for you.