Pool FROG Leap Starter Bundle

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Pool FROG Leap Starter Bundle

Pool Mineral Sanitizing System For pools up to 25,000 Gallons

Experience the easiest water care system right at your fingertips with FROG Leap. Everything is prefilled, ensuring a mess-free, guess-free, and stress-free water care routine. FROG Leap offers a unique combination—killing bacteria through two effective methods with a low level of chlorine and sanitizing minerals. This innovative system allows you to use less chlorine, spend less time on water maintenance, and have more time to simply enjoy it.


  • Uses Lower Chlorine Levels. The benefit for lower chlorine levels is that it is less corrosive to your equipment while making swimming more comfortable for your skin and eyes!
  • Using this cycler lets you cut down on chlorine use by up to 50%!
  • No extra plumbing required or electricity to run
  • Price Includes (1) Mineral Cartridge & (1) Pool Frog Leap Cycler
  • Sanitizes Pools Up To 25,000 Gallons

Bundle Includes:

  • FROG Leap Infuzer (x 1)
  • Anti-Bac Mineral Pac (x 1)
  • Torpedo Pac 01-03-7937 (x 3)
  • FROG All-Out Algaecide (x 1)
  • FROG Pool & Spa Test Strips (x 1)

Replace the torpedo pac every 1-3 weeks, when the chlorine is empty. This will change depending on usage.

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