NST Prime Tablet and Shock Chemical Bundle with 20.2lb Bucket of NST Prime and 12 Bags of Clean Shock

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Medium NST Prime Chemical Bundle with 20.2lb Bucket of NST Prime and 12 Bags of Clean Shock

This bundle includes:

  • 12 Bags of Clean Shock 
  • One 20.2lb Bucket of NST Prime Chlorine Tablets

Clean Shock

Convenient and easy to use! This multi-purpose sanitizer and shock helps control the growth of algae, kill bacteria and destroy organic materials.

Active ingredient: Dichlor

NST Prime Tablets 20.2 Bucket

Poolife Exclusive Pool Care Collection NST Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Tablet  is an alternative to 3" chlorine tablets and does not contain cyanuric acid  CYA , commonly known as chlorine stabilizer


  • Destroys bacteria and organic contaminants without over stabalizing pool
  • Slow Dissolving
  • Compatiable with Salt Generators to maintain proper sanitization level.
  • Skimmer Safe even with a pool heater!
  • Non-Corrosive safe for pool heater and pool equipment
  • Does not lower pH or Alkalinity 


  1. Use only in your swimming pool skimmer basket.
    Skimmer basket should be clear of all other water treatment.
  2. Place tablet in skimmer basket. approx one tab per 5000 gallons of water
  3. Replace with a new tablet as needed. Do not mix with other products or dissolve before use.


*Picture is not to scale

Never mix chemicals - always follow the instructions on the bottles