Oxy Plus Non-Chlorine Shock for Hot Tubs and Pools, 25lb Container

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Key Features

- Won't Rasie Chlorine or Bromine Levels

- Get Results in 15 Minutes

- Safe on All Types of Pool Surfaces

- 25 Lbs. of Oxy Shock (Potassium monopersulfate)

Non Chlorine Oxy Shock 25 lb Container

Potassium monopersulfate Non-Chlorine Pool & Spa Oxy-Shock

Potassium Monopersulfate Non-Chlorine Pool & Spa Oxy-Shock, available in a convenient 25 lb bucket. This powerful oxygen-based shock oxidizer gets your pool ready for swimming in just 15 minutes! It's safe for all pool and spa surfaces, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine. Non-Chlorine Oxy Shock by Maintain is designed to quickly oxidize contaminants without increasing chlorine or bromine levels, making it perfect for regular use. Unlike traditional chlorine shock treatments, this product is gentle on surfaces, dissolves rapidly, and won't bleach or fade vinyl liners or painted surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Oxygen-based pool and spa shock
  • Gentle on surfaces, including vinyl and painted surfaces
  • Eliminates organic contaminants for crystal clear water
  • Fast-dissolving formula
  • Doesn't raise chlorine levels or cause chlorine odors

Directions for Swimming Pools:

For weekly care, after heavy use, heavy rain or wind

  • Add 1 lb. of this product per 10,000 gallons of pool
  • Broadcast product uniformly over the surface of the water, adding 2/3 of total dose into deep end of the pool.
  • Run the pool filter for 8 hours
  • For initial treatment or pool opening add 2 lbs. Per 10,000 Gal. of water

Directions for Spas:

  • Everytime the spa is used it must be oxidized. After each use add 2 oz. per 300 Gal. of spa water
  • Run the pump for at least 30 minutes
  • Turn jets on and off once or twice for maximum effectiveness

For best results, use this product as an oxidizer treatment only. Keep your pool and spa water sparkling clean and enjoyable with our Potassium Monopersulfate Non-Chlorine Pool & Spa Oxy-Shock!

Active Ingredients: Potassium Monopersulfate

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Main Ingredient:
Potassium Monopersulfate