Solid Core Pool Noodles

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Gladon Solid Core Pool Water Noodle

Gladon's Pool Noodles! The Pool Water Noodle is a flexible, Fun-In-The-Sun water toy and exercise float that has unlimited uses. People of all ages will have fun just noodling around with it. The Water Noodle can be used for floating, splashing, making waves, exercising, or riding like a seahorse. Possible uses are limited only by ones imagination. Made from buoyant, lightweight, unique closed cell polyethylene foam, Water Noodles are highly resistant to water absorption and harsh pool chemicals. Excellent tear, tensile, and resiliency mean Water Noodles can take lots of bending, twisting and rough-tough abuse. Approximate Dimensions: 2 5/8" D 57" L *All Dimensions of Pool Noodles are Approximate and are Subject to Change