Cleaning Wand Cartridge Filter Cleaning Tool

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Cartridge Filter Cleaning Wand

Doubles The Life Of Your Pool Filter With A Cleaning Wand Simply attached the Cartridge Cleaning Wand to a standard garden hose and let the cleaning wands bristles scrub away the dirt while the water rinses it out of the filter, removing bugs, debris and other gunk that may be lodged within the filter itself. An economical and eco-friendlier way to reduce the need to chemically clean your filter, this wand works great for cleaning cartridge, element filters and D.E. pool filter grids. Enjoy more time in your pool and less time on its maintenance with the filter cleaning wand.

  • Pool filter cleaning wand connects to a garden hose to become a high-pressure washer
  • Valve at wand’s base lets you control water pressure
  • Durable brush bristles scrub dirt off filter pleats
  • Long handle keeps user from getting soaked with dirty water
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to harsh acid washes
  • Extends filter cartridge life
  • Great for cartridge and element filters and D.E.