Spa Floating Tablet Dispenser by LIFE

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Spa Floating Tablet Dispenser by LIFE

  • Adjustable feeder chamber controls the rate
  • String tie to keep it close by for easy checking and filling
  • This dispenser uses 1" bromine or chlorine tablets.
  • For use with spas/hot tubs and small pools.

The Life Spa Dispenser is ideal for spas/hot tubs and small pools.

Features easy access for bromine or chlorine tablet refill without the need to re-adjust the feeder or fully unwind the stem. Has fully adjustable flow and erosion control and comes with float and tie string.


  1. Remove bottom cap from dispenser
  2. Fill feeder tube with tablets
  3. Replace bottom cap and adjust to desired setting (listed below)
  4. For an even greater feed rate, fill with rablets and immerse dispenser completed turning upside down to allow air to escape from tube then return to operating position.  This will allow further exposure of tablets to water. 
  5. Newly filled spas or hot tubs should be properly conditioned to ensure effective chlorination.  
Hot Tub Gallon Size *Feed Setting Tri-Chloro *Feed Setting Bromine


3/4 2


600 2.5 7
800 3 9
1000 4 12

*These settings should be monitored by testing the water to ensure proper sanitization.  Adjustments may need to happen depending on factors that include but are not limited to: Usage and enviornment. 

Warning: This dispenser is designed for use of Bromine or Tri-Chloro-S-Triazinetrione tablets or sticks slow dissolving type only.  Do not mix with any other chemicals.