Spa Marvel X10 Water Filter for pools and spas

Spa Marvel
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Top Features

- Removes elements such as copper, calcium, sodium, iron, and other heavy metals

- Protects spa components from harmful deposits

- Reduces the need for additional chemicals

- Beneficial for those using bromine or chlorine salt water generators

Spa Marvel X10 Water Filter

The X10 Water Filter is a comprehensive solution for hot tub water quality issues.

3-Step Process for using Spa Marvel:

  1. Use Spa Marvel Cleanser to purge the Spa / Hot Tub.
  2. Add a single bottle of Spa marvel Water Treatment and Conditioner
  3. Enjoy your trouble free spa for three months

Here's why it's superior:

  • Eliminates Various Impurities: Removes harmful elements like copper, calcium, sodium, iron, mercury, and heavy metals found in tap, well, and lake water used to fill hot tubs.

  • Protects Spa Components: Shields the heater element, jets, pump, and spa shell from deposits that can cause serious damage.

  • Efficient Filtration: Reduces or eliminates rust, organic debris, turbidity, bad taste, chlorine, sulfur, odors, aluminum, and other heavy metals.

  • Reduces Chemical Dependency: Drastically minimizes or eliminates the need for additional chemicals like clarifiers, coagulants, flocculants, and stain and scale chemicals, enhancing the overall spa experience.

  • Ideal for Salt Water Generators: Particularly beneficial for those using bromine or chlorine salt water generators, ensuring proper functionality by reducing impurities.

  • Premium Carbon: Utilizes highest-grade acid-washed coconut shell carbon for superior filtration.

  • Extended Filter Body: 12-inch long body with up to twice as much bacteriostatic filter media (KDF®) for longevity and maximum efficiency.

  • Multi-Layer Construction: Uniquely constructed with 7 filter media layers, including 5-micron pre and post-integrated sediment pads for fine particle filtration.

  • UV Resistant Material: Made from durable UV-resistant polypropylene for ruggedness and excellent UV protection.

  • Secure Connections: Features rugged molded-in garden hose ends for snug, leak-free connections, preventing cross-threading and leaks.

  • Channeling Prevention: Tightly packed filtration media eliminates the potential of "channeling," ensuring effective water filtration.

  • Storage Protection: Protective end caps included for storage, preventing bacteria growth and maintaining filter efficiency.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Attach the X10 Water Filter to your garden hose.
  2. Run water through the filter for 30 seconds before filling your spa.
  3. Replace when the filter is full and flow becomes restricted.
  4. Guaranteed to filter a minimum of 10,000 US gallons (37,854 liters) of water.

Consider the X10 Water Filter for a healthier and more enjoyable hot tub experience with reduced chemical usage.

Looking to clean a dirty spa filter? Spa Marvel Filter Cleaner is your go-to solution.