Square or Rectangle Spa Cover w/ 90 degree Corner

Prestige Spa Covers
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Quick Features

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-14 colors to choose from
-Marine Grade Vinyl
-R-Value starts at 13 and can be upgraded for better insulation
-Galvanized Steel Channeling -FREE
-Two Steam Stoppers - FREE


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5 Year Warranty
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Square or Rectangle Spa Cover w/ 90 degree Corner

Prestige Spa Covers


  • Foam core can be ordered in three different thicknesses. 6"x4" 5"x3" & 4"x2". Tapered foam to allow water run off.
  • 1# Foam Density to keep your spa water insulated. Available upgrades to 1.5#, and 2# density.
  • 2 Mil Vapor Barrier to protect the inner foam. A thicker 4 mil Permaliner upgrade available.
  • Four Tie downs with keyed lock fasteners
  • Galvanized or Aluminum Channeling
  • Two Spa Cover Handles
  • Steam Stoppers to prevent loss of water from evaporation. Comes standard with two on the ends, or upgrade to have the steam stoppers across the entire cover.
  • 5 Year Manufacture's Warranty

Special Notes:

  • Spa skirt length is the length of the flap from the bottom of the foam on the spa cover Note: by submitting a spa cover order with the measurements chosen in the drop down menu, you are confirming those are the correct measurements for your spa cover
  • Covers larger than 96" are subject to an upcharge
  • Spa cover may come within 1" of the measurments entered.
  • Measure your hot tub, not your existing hot tub cover