Swimline Flex-body Vac Head - 14" Wide

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Key Features

- Maneuverable Flex Body Design

- 14" Wide Vacuum Head

- Equipped with 8 wheels

- Weighted to keep the vacuum submerged

- Attaches to standard telescopic poles

Swimline Flexible Weighted Vacuum Head

Upgrade your pool cleaning routine with the Swimline Flexible Weighted Vacuum Head. This innovative vacuum head is designed for hassle-free and efficient pool maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Flex-Body Design: The flex-body design ensures easy maneuverability, allowing the vacuum head to navigate the pool's surface effortlessly for thorough cleaning.

  • Generous Width: Featuring a 14" width, this vacuum head covers a wide area in each pass, expediting the cleaning process and saving you time.

  • Eight Wheels: Equipped with eight wheels, the vacuum head provides enhanced stability and smooth movement across various pool surfaces, ensuring effective cleaning.

  • Covered Weights: Strategically placed covered weights keep the vacuum head submerged, ensuring efficient cleaning even in deeper areas of the pool.

  • Easy Attachment: The vacuum head attaches easily to a pole and hose, creating a powerful vacuum for effective debris removal.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Swimline Flexible Weighted Vacuum Head. Order now to elevate your pool cleaning experience and enjoy a cleaner pool environment.

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