Water Tech Volt Cordless Rechargeable Spa Vacuum

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Key Features

- 40 minutes of continuous operation

- Attaches seamlessly to any standard telescopic pool pole

- Quickly remove debris, leaves, sand, and algae

- Cordless and hose-free design

- Rechargeable lithium ion battery

Water Tech Volt 1715AL Cordless Spa Vac

Introducing the Water Tech Volt Spa Vac – your cordless and rechargeable solution for efficient pool and spa cleaning. Embrace the freedom and ease it brings to your pool and spa maintenance routine.

Key Features:

  1. Run Time: Experience up to 40 minutes of continuous operation, ensuring thorough cleaning sessions.

  2. Easy Operation: Equipped with a user-friendly push-button ON/OFF switch for effortless control.

  3. Portable Design: The Spa Vac comes with a sectional pole set that attaches seamlessly to any standard telescopic pool pole, offering easy maneuverability.

  4. Versatile Cleaning: Quickly remove debris, leaves, sand, and algae, achieving a pristine spa or hot tub. Ideal for spot cleaning and steps!

  5. Hassle-Free Operation: Cordless and hose-free design for convenient and tangle-free usage.

  6. Adaptable Depth: Efficiently operates at a minimum depth of 12.25" at a 45-degree angle, ensuring thorough cleaning in various spa configurations.

  7. Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 2-year limited warranty, reflecting the product's reliability.

  8. USB Charging: Includes a USB cable for charging, with a quick recharge time of 4 hours for uninterrupted cleaning performance. (Wall adapter not included).

  9. Lithium Power: Powered by a lithium battery, the Spa Vac delivers reliable and consistent performance for superior cleaning.


  • (1) Reusable All-Purpose Filter Bag for large debris.
  • 4-Piece Sectional Pole Set for enhanced reach and versatility.

Note: USB charging wall adapter not included.

Product Details:

  • Product Weight: 2.05 lbs. (Weight of the Vacuum)

Immerse yourself in the convenience of cordless and rechargeable pool and spa cleaning with the Water Tech Volt 1715AL Cordless Spa Vac. Order now and redefine your pool maintenance experience!

Replacement Sand and Silt Bag

Replacement All Purpose Bag

Product Manual