Waterway 540-8400 Standard Vinyl Liner In-Ground Pool Skimmer 2"

Waterway Plastics
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Key Features

- Works with in-ground vinyl liner, steel, polymer, or fiberglass pool walls

- Includes a lock-down vacuum plate

- Large skimmer basket

- Features twist-locks and spring-loaded weir door

- High flow rate of 75 GPM

Waterway Plastics Renegade 540-8400 Standard Skimmer is a replacement skimmer for In-ground pools.

The Waterway Plastics Renegade 540-8400 Standard Skimmer is a top-of-the-line choice designed specifically for vinyl liner pools in in-ground installations. With a range of features and options, it stands out as an excellent replacement skimmer, ensuring efficient water management and pool maintenance.


  • Versatile Design: The Renegade skimmer is designed to work seamlessly with all existing vinyl liner steel, polymer, or fiberglass pool walls.

  • Comes in white

  • Lock-Down Vacuum Plate: Includes a lock-down vacuum plate for added stability and ease of use during vacuuming

  • Large Skimmer Basket: Equipped with one of the largest skimmer baskets available, ensuring effective debris capture and easy maintenance.

  • Twist-Locks and Easy Access: Features twist-locks to prevent floating and allow easy access. The spring-loaded weir door facilitates simple replacements.

  • PVC Sockets for Better Glue Joints: The skimmer incorporates PVC sockets for improved glue joints, enhancing its overall durability.

  • High Flow Rate: Boasts a high flow rate of 75 GPM (Gallons Per Minute), contributing to efficient water circulation.

  • Optional Accessories: Offers optional accessories like a float valve and skimmer test kit for enhanced functionality.

  • Compatibility: Fits all currently manufactured steel and polymer walls, providing compatibility with various pool structures.

  • Reversible Lid: Non-commercial skimmers come with a reversible lid for added convenience.

  • Model Number: 540-8400

  • 2” socket 

  • Color: White

  • 2-Port, Square Lid


The Waterway Plastics Renegade 540-8400 Standard Skimmer is a reliable and efficient choice, contributing to the optimal performance of your vinyl liner in-ground pool.


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    Pool Skimmer

    Posted by Amy Zimmerman on Jun 21st 2023

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